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MCUXpresso Config Tools

MCUXpresso Config Tools


  • The MCUXpresso Config Tools are fully integrated into the MCUXpresso IDE, and also available as a standalone download for use with other supported IDEs, including Arm Keil, IAR EWARM and others. If using the MCUXpresso IDE, no additional download of Config Tools is required.

Pins Tool

  • Assigns internal signals to external pins, sets electrical properties, I/O conflict resolution options and generates ANSI-C source code that drops into the MCUXpresso SDK environment. Board expansion headers can be viewed and routed to the connected signals on the MCU

Clocks Tool

  • For a graphical representation of the MCU clock tree system and interactive user controls with automatic clock setup capability as well as assistance with system fine-tuning

Peripherals Tool

  • Enables selection of desired peripherals (i.e. UART, ADC, SPI, etc.) and generates initialization code, and configures higher level application code for enabling software technologies (USB, Filesystems, LwIP, FreeMASTER). Settings can be imported, exported and reused within the Component Use Case Library
  • Setups the specialized peripherals and accelerators - the programmable logic unit (PLU) either by a Verilog source code or by a schematic gates or LUTs design, the FlexIO and FLEXCOMM specialized interfaces by numerous predefined protocols and the state configurable timers (SCT) with a possibility to explore and reuse numerous presets.

Project Updater

  • Works directly with existing SDK-based IDE projects with generated Pins, Clocks and Peripheral source files

Device Configuration

  • Allows Device Configuration Data (DCD) commands sequence config for pre-initialization of devices at boot time. Generated binary configurations can be utilized directly within the MCUXpresso Secure Provisioning Tool

Trusted Execution Environment (TEE)

  • Configures protection and isolation of sensitive parts of the application. Generated configurations can be exported for use within the MCUXpresso Secure Provisioning Tool

Project Cloning

  • Creates a standalone SDK project based on an example application available within SDK release

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