Embedded Linux for i.MX Applications Processors


Software Details


  • Linux kernel and device drivers
  • Applications/Services
  • Libraries
  • GNU tools (compilers, linkers, etc.)
  • Deployment mechanisms
  • Some features of a chip or an evaluation board may not be enabled by a Linux BSP. Please review the features listed in the “Devices Support” section of each Linux BSP information page. Each Linux BSP link provides detailed information on the version of the kernel, glibc, gcc, etc., as well as information about which applications and services are included within a specific BSP.

Supported Devices

Linux Releases

Linux Current Release​

Linux Past Releases​​

Release​ Build Sources​ and Documentation Supported Platforms/Demo Images​ Incremental Releases
Linux 5.10.72_2.2.0

Linux 5.10.72_2.2.1 Patch

Linux 5.10.52_2.1.0

Linux 5.10.52_2.1.1 Patch

Linux 5.10.35_2.0.0

Linux 5.10.35_2.0.1 Patch

Linux 5.10.9_1.0.0
Linux 5.4.70_2.3.0​

Linux 5.4.70_2.3.1 Patch

Linux 5.4.70_2.3.2 Patch

Linux 5.4.70_2.3.3 Patch

Linux 5.4.70_2.3.4 Patch

Linux 5.4.70_2.3.5 Patch

Linux 5.4.70_2.3.6 Patch

Linux 5.4.70_2.3.7 Patch

Linux 5.4.47_2.2.0​​
Linux 5.4.24_2.1.0​​

Linux 5.4.24_2.1.1 Patch

Linux 5.4.24_2.1.3 Patch

Linux 5.4.3_1.0.0​

Linux 5.4.3_2.0.1 Patch

Linux 4.14.98_2.3.0

Linux 4.14.98_2.3.1 Patch

Linux 4.14.98_2.3.2 Patch

Linux 4.14.98_2.3.3 Patch

Linux 4.14.98_2.3.4 Patch

Linux 4.19.35_1.1.0
Linux Virtualization 4.14.98_4.11_0.10 GA (Based on Linux 4.14.98_2.0.0 BSP)
Linux 4.14.98_2.0.0

Linux 4.14.98_2.0.X-Patch

Linux 4.14.98_2.2.0 for i.MX 8M Nano GA
Linux 4.14.78_1.0.0

Linux 4.14.78_1.1.X-Patch

Linux 4.14.78_1.0.4-Patch

Linux 4.14.62_1.0.0 for i.MX 8QuadXPlus Beta
Linux 4.9.123 for i.MX 8M Mini GA
Linux 4.9.88_2.0.0
Linux 4.9.51 for i.MX 8M Quad GA
Linux 4.9.11_1.0.0
Linux 4.9.51 for i.MX 8M Quad Beta
Linux 4.1.15_2.1.0 for i.MX 6SLL
Linux 4.1.15_2.0.0

Linux 4.1.15_2.0.3 Patch

Linux 4.1.15_2.0.2 Patch

Linux 4.1.15_2.0.1 Patch

Linux 4.1.15_1.2.0
Linux 4.1.15_1.1.0
Linux 4.1.15_1.0.0
Linux 3.14.52_1.1.0
Linux 3.14.38


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