EdgeScale for Device Management

EdgeScale for Device Management

System Requirements

Edgescale: What is it

EdgseScale as a Tool
  • Complete access to all EdgeScale features.
  • Jump-start your Edge/IoT management solution.
  • Flexibility to host on your own infrastructure.
  • Freedom to modify and integrate with your own framework.
  • Professional support and customization services
Secure Device Manufacturing Service (Experimental)
  • Inject Unique-ID and credentials/keys to the device.
  • Securely boot device with signed firmware
Secure Device Management Service
  • Securely enroll, validate device from cloud
  • Securely download, update and manage firmware
  • Monitor device health, diagnostics, usage
Secure Application Management Service
  • Securely deploy applications from the cloud.
  • Manage your own app-store, develop and build on the cloud.

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