VortiQa® Applications Development Kits

The VortiQa Applications Development Kits (VortiQa ADKs) are software packages that enable customers to fully exploit the underlying hardware for optimized performance and reduce time to market for specific vertical applications. The VortiQa ADKs include a set of packaged protocols and middleware functional components targeted at evolving networking applications adding differentiating capabilities and enhancing the capabilities of your systems.

The VortiQa ADKs consist of VortiQa Network and Security Package, VortiQa Switch Supplementary Package, VortiQa Protocol Offload Package, VortiQa OpenFlow Switch Standard Package, and VortiQa OpenFlow Switch Premium Package. These software packages are commercial-grade solutions featuring the most flexibility, highest security and packet processing performance/watt targeted for enterprise routing, SDN switching, wireless access, data center and network storage systems applications.


  • Commercial-grade offload functions for time-to-market
  • Customers can compress development time by 3 – 12 months depending on complexity of the design and extent of ADKs usage
  • Performance Advantage by leveraging AIOP accelerators, where applicable
  • Conserve general purpose cores for high-level functions
  • Minimize/avoid the need for add-on accelerators