Sensor ToolBox Development Board for FXLS8974CF 3-Axis IoT Accelerometer


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Demonstration / Custom Kits

  • Enables out-of-the-box demos and evaluation using the FreeMASTER sensor tool
    • Graph visualization, register level analysis, real-time interrupt evaluation and data logging
  • Enables embedded sensor project development using IoT Sensing SDK
    • Example out-of-box projects for sensors with ultra-low power motion wake-up, interrupt, polling and FIFO modes using I2C, SPI

Sensor Shield Board

  • Compatible with Arduino® and most NXP Freedom development boards
  • Supports I2C and SPI communication interface with host MCU
  • Supports hardware configurability to switch accelerometer mode (normal versus motion detect) and I2C/SPI interface mode
  • Support multiple test points on the board

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  • FRDM-K22F-A8974

  • Sensor ToolBox Development Board for FXLS8974CF 3-Axis IoT Accelerometer.

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  • Printed Circuit Boards and Schematics

    FRDM-K22F-A8974 Schematics

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