Creating Secure Networks for V2X Communications - Part 9| Overview of High Assurance Boot

About This Course

V2X technology has the potential to drastically reduce road accidents and improve the traffic flow by fusing in-car sensor data with data obtained from other road users and from the surrounding infrastructure - visibly or unvisbily and far beyond the driver's line of sight. Vehicle to cloud data communication provides a pathway for anonymous data collection and dissemination. When the true potential for V2X is realized and it becomes a true part of the vehicle safety system it is vital that the authenticity and security of data are guaranteed. In addition, the vehicle control units that coordinate active stability systems must be protected against external influences that might subvert the mechanisms design. This presentation will explore the various security countermeasures needed to make V2X a safe and secure technology for the future.

What you will Learn

After completing this session you will have

  • background information on how the Intelligent Transportation System impacts vehicle security
  • an explanation of the different elements of security that are relevant to vehicle electronic modules
  • an overview of NXP’s solutions that enable security in V2X for the vehicle