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What to Expect

Architect the car of the future with our automotive tech days training academies

  • Learn how to conquer complex autonomy, connectivity, and electrification challenges
  • Live chat with the experts and get your most challenging design questions answered.
  • Customize your schedule to fit your personal training needs
  • Hear directly from industry leaders about the latest trends, solutions and products during exclusive featured sessions
  • Get a first look at cutting edge demos from NXP and our partners
  • Access all sessions as on-demand sessions after the event

On-Demand Sessions

Select from over 35 on-demand sessions curated for engineers designing solutions with embedded technology. Take courses at your own pace throughout the month and gain a certificate of completion from each academy.

Vehicle Architectures and Networking

Vehicle Architecture Trends

  • Extending Vehicle Networking to the Cloud with Service-Oriented Gateways
  • From Domain to Zonal Architectures: Restructuring a Car's Physical Connectivity
  • Introduction to the Concept and Variations of Domain Control
  • The Next Automotive Networks: ASA SerDes Links, 10BASE-T1S and CAN XL
  • Trends for Audio and Radio Processing in Zonal Vehicle Architectures

Network Technologies

  • Easily Manage Power, System and Safety with our Safety SBC for Advanced Vehicle Networks
  • Security on CAN and Ethernet: Improve Efficiency and Complement for Secure Communication and IDPS
  • Practical Benefits of Functional Safety-Rated Ethernet Products
  • Edge Node Ethernet Portfolio, Software and Tool Enablement
  • Boosting CAN FD Networks

Network Solutions

  • PFE/LLCE Communications Offload Engines
  • Applying Time Sensitive Networking Tools for Quality of Service and Reliability
  • Integrating Time Sensitive Networking and Middleware Protocols
  • NXP Reference Design Board (RDB) for Vehicle Networking



  • The Power of Vehicle-to-Cloud Enablement for Autonomous and Electric Vehicles
  • Electric Vehicle Range Extension Strategies
  • Connected EV Overview
  • EV Powertrain Domain Safety Concept
  • Zone Architectures Overview


  • NXP Battery Management Solutions Overview
  • High Voltage Battery Management System Reference Design
  • Deploying Battery Management System Algorithms on NXP S32K from Simulink®
  • Model-Based Top-Down Flow for Safety Related Automotive Battery Management ICs


  • xEV Solutions for OBC/DCDC and Smart Chargers
  • Electric Vehicle On Board Charger (OBC) Solution
  • Energy Prediction and Appliance Pattern Recognition at the Edge
  • EV Charging: Alternating Current (AC) Solutions
  • EV Charging: Direct Current (DC) and Battery Storage Solutions


  • Functional Safety Concept of High-Voltage Traction Inverter
  • Traction Inverter: Safety Concept for Resolver Software
  • NXP Software and Tools Solutions for Motor Control Applications in Automotive
  • SiC EV Reference Design

Driving Automation and Radar

Automotive High-Performance Compute

  • Introduction to Automotive Layerscape for High Performance Computing
  • BlueBox Software Development Kit – Architecture and Use


  • OTA and Security for Radar Processor S32R45 – EdgeLock Assurance Program
  • Complete Automotive Radar Portfolio Overview
  • Simplifying High Performance Safety Radar Systems with Green Hills INTEGRITY Platform and NXP Radar Processor S32R45

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