Use Dedicated Short Range Communications (DSRC) with Radar Sensing to Get Rid of Traffic Jams - Part 3| NXP Products

About This Course

As more and more individuals acquire automobiles and city populations increase, road way congestion worsens year-by-year. Traffic Congestion results in billions of dollars in lost productivity: individuals are confined to hours upon hours of menial vehicle operation in stop-go conditions. Solution: Advances in NXP's ADAS Radar, Vision, and V2X technologies can alleviate congestion and regain lost productivity - 1) reducing personal stress, 2) improving commuter productivity, and 3) reducing traffic accidents. The session will show how controlling driver response variance, (e.g. making acceleration, deceleration, and minimum safe driving distance constant), relieves congestion jamming conditions. The session concludes with a mapping of ADAS DSRC features to NXP devices.

What you will Learn

How controlling driver response variance relieves congestion jamming conditions