Product Change Notice

68901 End-Of-Life Announcement
Product Discontinuance

Customers must notify Motorola in writing within 90 days of notification if they consider the discontinued product to be "Sole Source." Motorola and the customer may negotiate an appropriate End-Of-Life buy period on these devices. To do so, contact your local Motorola Sales Office.

Issue Date Last Buy Date Notification # Last Ship Date
28-Feb-1997 31-Jul-1997 2508 31-Jan-1998

Affected Change Categories
Affected Product Divisions
Imaging and Storage
Additional Reliability Data

For any questions concerning this notification:

Contact: Stu Hoyt
Phone: (512) 895-2935

Decription and Purpose

This notice is an ammendment to notification no: MPU-PCN-94-R00255 issued in November 1994, titled 68901 HMOS End-Of-Life announcement.

Motorola is extending the End-Of-Life order deadline through July 31, 1997 and the End-Of-Life shipment deadline through January 1998; for the MC68901 product offering.

SGS Thompson offers a similar part to the 68901 and customers are encouraged to investigate this as a solution for long term requirements. SGS Thompson part numbers are MK68901Q04 and MK68901N04.

Possible Replacement Parts

MK68901Q04 and MK68901N04 from SGS Thompson.


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