Product Change Notice

Product and Process Change Notification
MC68030 (RP Package Addendum)

Motorola will consider this change approved unless specific conditions of acceptance are provided in writing within 30 days of receipt of this notice. To do so, contact your local Motorola sales office.

Issue DateEffective DateNotification #
28-Feb-1997 09-Jun-1997 2560

Affected Change Categories
Affected Product Divisions
Wafer Process
Imaging and Storage
Additional Reliability Data
Contact your local Motorola Sales Office

For any questions concerning this notification:

Contact: Jon Gogolski
Phone: (512) 891-4459

Decription and Purpose

PCN # MPU-PCN-95-R00268, Titled "F91C Mask Set Introduction", issued on February 13, 1995, which became effective on May 24, 1995, should have included the RP package suffix. We apologize for the oversight. The end suffix of all part numbers will be changed from B to C for F91C mask set.

Qualification Plan


Reliability Data Summary

See MPU-PCN-95-R00268

Changed Part Identification


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