Product Change Notice

Standardizing Motorola Packing Quantity for All
MC68030 and MC68040 Devices in the Pin Grid Array Package

Motorola considers this change approved unless specific conditions of acceptance are provided in writing. To do so, contact your local Motorola Sales Office.

Issue DateEffective DateNotification #
19-Aug-1997 01-Oct-1997 2999

Affected Change Categories
Affected Product Divisions
Shipping/Packaging Materials
Imaging and Storage Systems
Additional Reliability Data

For any questions concerning this notification:

Contact: Jay Kim
Phone: (512) 781-3402

Description and Purpose

Motorola is pleased to announce a change of the Motorola Packing Quantity (MPQ) for the Pin Grid Array packaged devices. This change only affects Ceramic and Plastic PGA packaged devices with MPQ of one unit. The new MPQ will be a full tray quantity; full tray quantity for the 68030 is 14 units and for the 68040 is ten units. This will allow for more efficient support of customer orders and will better maintain lead quality by minimizing device handling.

Affected Device List (Without Specials)

97XC68040HRCE 98XC68LC040RC25A JHM030R16B JHM030R20B
JHM030RC50BI MC68030CRC25B MC68030CRC25C MC68030CRC33B
MC68030CRC33C MC68030RC16B MC68030RC16C MC68030RC20B
MC68030RC20C MC68030RC25B MC68030RC25C MC68030RC33B
MC68030RC33C MC68030RC40B MC68030RC40C MC68030RC50B
MC68030RC50C MC68030RCC MC68040BRC33 MC68040RC
MC68040RC25 MC68040RC25V MC68040RC33 MC68040RC33V
MC68040RC40 MC68040RC40V MC68040RCV MC68EC040BRC33
MC68EC040RC MC68EC040RC20 MC68EC040RC25 MC68EC040RC33
MC68EC040RC40 MC68LC040BRC33 MC68LC040RC MC68LC040RC20
MC68LC040RC25 MC68LC040RC33 MC68LC040RC40 PC68040RC20
PC68040RC20A PC68040RC20B PC68040RC20E PC68040RC23A
PC68040RC23B PC68040RC25 PC68040RC25A PC68040RC25B
PC68040RC25E PC68040RC25H PC68040RC25V PC68040RC33
PC68040RC33A PC68040RC33B PC68040RC33E PC68040RC33H
PC68040RC33V PC68040RC40B PC68040RCB PC68040RCV
SC414026RC25 SC414030CRP25C SC414030RC245 SC414030RP25C
SC414038RC40 SC414046RC SC414068RC50 SC414074CRC25
SC414087RC33 SC414093RC25 SC414093RC25B SC414093RC25E
SC414093RC33E SC414093RC33M SC414093RC40M SC414094RP25C
SC414095RC25B SC414124RC25 SC414159RC25 SC414160RC25
SC414190RC20 SC414190RC25 SC414190RC33B SC414204RC25B
SC414226RC33 XC68030RC16 XC68030RC16A XC68030RC16B
XC68030RC20A XC68030RC20B XC68030RC25B XC68040RC33B
XC68030RC40B XC68030RC50B XC68040HRC25E XC68040HRC25M
XC68040HRC33M XC68040RC20 XC68040RC25 XC68040RC25B
XC68040RC25E XC68040RC25M XC68040RC25V XC68040RC33
XC68040RC33A XC68040RC33B XC68040RC33H XC68040RC33K
XC68040RC33M XC68040RC33V XC68040RC40M XC68040RC40V
XC68040RCM XC68040RCV XC68EC040RC20A XC68EC040RC20B
XC68EC040RC25 XC68EC040RC25A XC68EC040RC25B XC68EC040RC33B
XC68EC040RCA XC68LC040RC20B XC68LC040RC25 XC68LC040RC25A

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