Product Change Notice

Introduction of New MC68HC000 TSC6 Mask Set/Fab Site, J82M,
to Replace Current MC68HC000 Mask Sets E72N and G73K

Motorola will consider this change approved unless specific conditions of acceptance are provided in writing within 30 days of receipt of this notice.
To do so, contact your local Motorola  sales office.

Issue Date Effective Date Notification #
18-Jan-1999 29-Apr-1999 4333

Affected Change Categories
Affected Product Divisions
Motorola Fab Site, Marking Process, Wafer Process
Imaging Systems
Additional Reliability Data
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Contact: Kurt Pfaff
Phone: (512) 895-4938

Description and Purpose

Motorola is pleased to announce a new fabrication site for the MC68HC000 products in the TSC6 wafer fab in Sendai, Japan.  The TSC6 mask set, J82M, will replace the G73K mask set formally manufactured in the MOS 10 fabrication site in Irvine, CA. and also the E72N mask set formally manufactured in the MOS8 fabrication site in Austin, TX.  Identical to the E72N and G73K, the J82N mask is a straight transfer of database, technology, and performance to TSC6.

TSC6 is the 6 inch wafer fabrication facility for Tohosku Semiconductor Company (TSC).  TSC6 has been producing Motorola microprocessors (8,16, and 23-bit) for several years and has demonstrated high yields and reliability.

Qualification Plan

See Reliability Data Summary.

Reliability Data Summary

Since this technology (.8um DLM/SP) has long since bee qualified at TSC6, no in depth qualification procedure to qualify the fab was required.  Only device qualifications are listed below.                
MC68HC000 Device Qual - TSC6 Fab Site (OJ82M)                         
Moisture Level:  3                                                    
Die Dimensions:  147.2 X 163.3                                         
Life test (125 deg.C, 6.0V)                                           
Fablot    Tracecode    168      504    1008                           
A10001    QEBK9833     0/77   Pending  Pending                         
ESD - HBM (100pF, 1.5 kOhm)                                           
Fablot    Tracecode    2kV                                            
A10001    QEBK9833     0/3                                             
LU Static                                                             
Fablot    Tracecode    200mA                                          
A10001    QEBK9833     0/3                                      

Changed Part Identification

New marking:  OJ82M mask set identification instead of 2E72N, 3E72N, or 1G73K.


Samples are available under engineering part number: ENGRSAMPM68K.
Samples will be limited to 10 Per Customer. Please add notes to the order specifying which device you are ordering. Contact your local Motorola Sales Office.

Electrical Characteristic Summary

No changes to electrical performance.

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