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Additional Passivation Machines for the 68030

Motorola Inc. will consider this change approved unless specific conditions of acceptance are provided in writing within 30 days of receipt of this notice.

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04-Apr-95 13-Jul-95 R00272

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MC68030 (All Suffixes)
Imaging and Storage
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Description and Purpose

Motorola is pleased to announce an expansion in our manufacturing flexibility. In addition to the current applied materials precision 5000 passivator, the following equipment has been qualified for use on the 1.0 micron 68030 devices in our Tohoku Wafer Fabrication site in Sendai, Japan.

1) Applied Materials AMS2100 and ASM PXJ-200 passivation machines. These machines put down a similar type of passivation (same composition) as the Applied Materials Precision 5000 passivation machine. This process is fully qualified and currently run on the 68EC020 which is run on the same process technology and geometry in the same manufacturing site.

2) The Applied Materials AMS2100 passivator is also used for PSG-only passivation deposition and has been fully qualified for use on the 1.0 Micron 68030.

The purpose of this change is to provide manufacturing flexibility to use any one of the three qualified passivation processes for maximum throughput.

Reliability / Qualification Summary

68EC020 Reliability Test Results
AMS2100 and PXJ-200 Passivation Systems

6.0 V, 125 Deg. C Lifetest
168 Hr504 Hr1008 Hr
0/1058 0/771 0/771

Temperature Cycle, -65 De C/+150 Deg C
100 Cyc500 Cyc1000 Cyc
0/334 0/332 0/324

Thermal Shock (-65/+150 Deg C)
100 Cyc500 Cyc1000 Cyc
0/319 0/319 1/319

1000 Cyc: Functional Failure (No Analysis Done)

Autoclave (121 Deg C, 15PSIG)
4896 Hr144 Hr
0/524 0/519 0/506

THB 85 Deb C, 85% RH
0/460 0/459 0/305

PSG-Only Passivation Reliability Test Results
AMS2100 Passivation System

Temperature Cycle, -65 Deg C/+150 Deg C
Device Type# of Lots100 Cy500 Cy1000 Cy
68HC11MA8 1 0/45 0/45 0/45
68HC11M2 3 0/135 0/135 0/135
68HC11MA8H 1 0/45 0/45 0/45
68030 1 0/45 0/45 0/45

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