Die Attach Change for Ceramic Quad Flat Packages (CQFP)

Motorola Inc. will consider this change approved unless specific conditions of acceptance are provided in writing within 30 days of receipt of this notice.

Issue DateEffective DateNotification #
15-Aug-95 23-Nov-95 R00281

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Affected Product Divisions
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Additional Reliability Data

For any questions concerning this notification:

Contact: Dennis Kiffe
Phone: (512) 895-8707

Description and Purpose

Product Line Affected:

MAFO (MC68EC360FE25C, MC68360FE25C, MC68360CFE25C, XC68EN360FE25VC, XC68EN360CFE25C, XC68360FE25VC, XC68EN360FE33C, XC68360FE33C)
MAFL (XC68840FE25B, XC68840FE33B)
MACC (MC68040FE, XC68040FEM, XC68040FE25M, XC68040FE33M, 99MC68040FE, 99XC68040FEM, 99XC68040FE25M, 99XC68040FE33M)
MACS (MC68EC040FE, MC68LC040FE, XC68EC040FEB, XC68LC040FEB, XC68LC040FE25B, XC68LC040FE33B, 99MC68EC040FE, 99MC68LC040FE, 99XC68LC040FEB, 99XC68EC040FEB, 99XC68LC040FE25B, 99XC68LC040FE33B)
MACM (PC68040FEV, PC68040FE25V, PC68040FE33V)
MAFJ (MC68839FE)
MAFN (MC68848FE)
MACQ (MC68340FEC, MC68340CFE16C, MC68340FE16C, MC68340FEE, MC68340FE16C, 99MC68340FEE, 99MC68340FE16E)
MACB (MC68EC030FEB, MC68EC030FE25B, MC68EC030FE40B, 99MC68EC030FEB, 99MC68EC030FE25B, MC68030FE16B, MC68030FE20B, MC68030FE25B, MC68030FE33B, 99MC68030FEB, 99MC68030FE16B, 99MC68030FE20B, 99MC68030FE25B, 99MC68030FE33B, Mc68EC030FEC, MC68030FE, MC68030FE16C)
MAFC (MC68302FEC, MC68302FE16C, MC68302FE20C, MC68302CFE16C, MC68302CFE20C)

Motorola would like to announce a change in the die attach process for all ceramic quad flat packages (CQFP) assembled in our Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia assembly site. The new die attach process has a lower and faster temperature profile and uses a new glass system. The new glass system is silver-lead-vanadate while the current system uses a silver-lead-borate.

The new die attach material allows for a lower and faster temperature process thus increasing throughput and capacity.

The new die attach process will meet the same mechanical and reliability standards of the current die attach process. Data from die attach qualification at Kuala Lumpur assembly site is attached.

Reliability / Qualification Summary

CQFP Die Attach Qualification Data

  1. Temp Cycle
    • Test Vehicles
      • Big Die = 68840 (Die Size 570 x 465)
      • Medium Die = LC040 (Die Size 460 x 430)
    • Test Time Points:  10, 50, 100, 500, and 1000 cycles
    • Completed Data Up to 500 Cycles
      • Visual Inspection Results (24 Units/Time Point):
        • Past Crack = None
        • Lead Sinking = None
      • Stud Pull (10 Units/Time Point):
        • All higher than the spec limit of the die
      • Wire Pull (5 Units/Time Point):
        • 8 Corner and 8 Center Wires: All passed

  2. Die Shear
    • Test Vehicles: 10 units PPC603; 10 Units 68360
    • Results
      Average 63.6 67.5
      Std Dev'N: 1.1 1.0
      CPK: 11.6 13.61

  3. Stud Pull
    • Test Vehicles: 30 Units PPC603; 30 Units 68360
    • Results
       PPC603 68360 
      Average 280.3 199 300 285.3
      Std Dev'N: 29.3 18.6 0.0 16.4
      CPK: 2.7 2.8 --- 4.51

      Note: *B&G and Instron are two different stud pull machines
           **Sample size are split between the two machines
             10/20 for B&G/Instron respectively.

  4. Dry Bond Line Thickness
    • Test Vehicles: 40 Units PPC 603; 40 Units 68360
    • Results
      Average 5.53 Mils 5.47 Mils
      Std Dev'N: 0.15 0.28
      CPK: 4.30 2.40