Product Change Notice

Transfer of 48 Lead PDIP Assembly to Anam, Philippines

Motorola Inc. will consider this change approved unless specific conditions of acceptance are provided in writing within 30 days of receipt of this notice.

Issue Date Effective Date Notification #
16-Oct-95 24-Jan-96 R00287

Affected Change Categories
Affected Product Divisions
MC68008, MC68230, MC68901
Imaging and Storate
Additional Reliability Data

For any questions concerning this notification:

Contact: Jack Wright
Phone: (512) 895-2162

Description and Purpose

Motorola is pleased to announce the transfer of 48 lead PDIP assembly at Amkor Anam from Korea to the Philippines. The 48 lead PDIP from Anam, Philippines is package compatible with 48 lead PDIP from Anam Korea. The transfer will improve line rationalization at Anam. Package reliability stress tests have been performed (qualification data included). 20 lead PDIP assembly has recently been qualified at Anam philippines.

If you have any queries on this PCN, please contact your local Motorola Sales Representative.

Qualification Summary

Qual Title: 48 PDIP Anam Philippines Package

Source: MC68HC11A1P
Package: 48 PDIP
Package: 48 PDIP
Assembly Site: Anam Philippines
Mask Set: F92J
Fab Site: MOS1
Die Size: 187.5 x 215.0 MILS

Autoclave Lot No 144 Hr 240 Hr
121 Deg C, 100% RH, 15PSIG 1 0/77 *1/77
  2 0/77 0/77
  3 0/77 0/77
*Handling Fail

Hast Lot No 72 Hr 300 Hr (FIO)
130 Deg C, 85% RH, 5V 1 0/33 WW41
  2 0/33 WW41
  3 0/33 WW41

Temp Cycle Lot No 500 Cyc 1000 Cyc
-65 Deg C/+150 Deg C 1 0/77 0/77
  2 0/77 0/77
  3 0/77 0/77

Thermal Shock Lot No 500 Cyr 1000 Cyc
-65 Deg C/+150 Deg C 1 0/77 *2/77
  2 0/77 *2/77
  3 0/77 *2/77
*Handling Failed

Solderability Lot No 2.5 Sec
240 Deg C 1 0/5
  2 0/5
  3 0/5

Electrical Characteristic Summary


Changed Part Identification

48 Lead PDIP assembly traceability code for Anam Philippines is 'ZV'.

Affected Devices

MC68008CFN MC68008CFN8 MC68008CFN8R2 MC68008CP
MC68008CP8 MC68008FN MC68008FNJ MC68008FN10
MC68008FN10R2 MC68008FN8 MC68008FN8R2 MC68008IL
MC68008ILC MC68008ILC10 MC68008ILC8 MC68008IP
MC68008IP10 MC68008LC MC68008LCJ MC68008LC10
MC68008LC8 MC68008LJ MC68008L10 MC68008P
MC68008PJ MC68008P10 MC68008P8 MC68230CFN
MC68230CFN10 MC68230CFN10R2 MC68230CFN8 MC68230CFN8R2
MC68230FNJ MC68230FN10 MC68230FN10R2 MC68230FN8
MC68230FN8R2 MC68230L MC68230LC MC68230LCJ
MC68230LC10 MC68230LC10DS MC68230LC8 MC68230LC8DS
MC68230LJ MC68230L10 MC68230L8 MC68230P
MC68230PJ MC68230P10 MC68230P8 MC68901FN
MC68901FNR2 MC68901FN MC68901FNR2 MC68901ILCDS
MC68901IP MC68901IPDS MC68901L MC68901LC
MC68901LCDS MC68901P MC68901PDS PC68HC901FN
PC68HC901P R68230C10RLC SC414049FN8 SC414049FN8R2
SC414073FN8 SC414073P8 SC414076P SC414123FN10
SC414126FN10 SC414128LC SC414126FN10 SC414128LC
SC414129P SC414150FN10R2 SC87845L10 SC87845L8
SC87871L10 SC87871L8 SC87871P10 SC87871P8
SC87898FN SC87952LC SC87992LC SPAK008FN10
SPAK230FN8 SPAK901FN UMC68008PX XC68230LC10
ZC10007FN10 ZC10019FN10    

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