NGS-FRDM-LS1012A: Get Started with the FRDM-LS1012A

Get Started

1.1 Get Started with QorIQ FRDM-LS1012A

This video provides an overview of the FRDM-LS1012A. For details about the features of the board, refer QorIQ FRDM-LS1012A Reference Manual

Get Started with the QorIQ FRDM-LS1012A development board

Plug It In

Booting FRDM-LS1012A

2.1 Attach the USB Cable

Plug the type-A connectors of the Y-type type-A to micro-B cable into the two USB ports of your PC. Connect the type-B connector of the cable to the USB 2.0 debug/UART connector.

2.2 Install the mbed Windows serial port driver

Make sure that the mbed driver for the board serial port is installed. Before you run the driver installer, you MUST have the board plugged in to your PC.

2.3 Setup serial port

With the serial port driver installed, run your favorite terminal application to control and monitor the FRDM-LS1012A from the serial console. Configure the terminal to 115200 baud rate, 8 data bits, no parity and 1 stop bit. To determine the port number of the FRDM-LS1012A's virtual COM port, open the device manager and look under the "Ports" group.

Not sure how to use a terminal application? Try one of these tutorials:

2.4 Boot the board

Press the Reset switch (SW1) and the board boots up. The PORST red LED D3 turns on momentarily and switches off.

Get Software

Flashing Binaries on FRDM-LS1012A via U-Boot

3.1 Jump Start Your Design with the LS1012A SDK!

The LS1012A Software Development Kit (SDK) is complimentary and includes full source code under a permissive open-source license for all hardware abstraction and peripheral driver software.

Click below to download the LS1012A SDK prebuilt images depending on whether you are using 32-bit or 64-bit kernel.

3.2 Updating FRDM-LS1012A board images

The FRDM-LS1012A Getting Started guide provides easy, step-by-step instructions on how to flash prebuilt binaries on FRDM-LS1012A.