Get Started with the TEA2208DB1576

This page will assist you in learning about your TEA2208DB1576 board.

2. Get to know the hardware

2.1 Board features

  • Forward conduction losses of the diode rectifier bridge are eliminated
  • Very low IC power consumption (2 mW)
  • Integrated high-voltage level shifters
  • Directly drives all four rectifier MOSFETs
  • Very low external part count
  • Integrated X-capacitor discharge (2 mA)
  • Self-supplying
  • Full-wave drive improving total harmonic distortion (THD)
  • Undervoltage lockout (UVLO) for high-side and low-side drivers
  • Drain-source overvoltage protection (OVP) for all external power MOSFETs
  • Gate pull-down currents at start-up for all external power MOSFETs

2.2 Board description

The TEA2208T is an active bridge rectifier controller, which replaces the traditional diode bridge. Using the TEA2208T with low-ohmic high voltage external MOSFETs, significantly improves the efficiency of the power converter as the typical rectifier diode forward conduction losses are eliminated.

Additionally, the TEA2208T incorporates an X-capacitor discharge function. This demo board contains a TEA2208T and four low-ohmic high voltage MOSFETs.

2.3 Board components

The TEA2208DB1576 demo board consists of the TEA2208T in an SO14 package with four MOSFETs of 600 V/28 mΩ.


2.4 Additional board support

Refer to UM11348, TEA2208DB1576 Active bridge rectifier controller demo board user manual for additional details on the featured components.

3. Configure the hardware

The demo board contains four 600 V/28 mΩ MOSFETs. It makes the board suitable for universal AC input (100 V to 240 V) and for up to 1 kW as reference. The TEA2208DB1576 demo board contains four leads that can easily replace a traditional diode bridge. The two inside leads are connected to AC mains lines.

The two outside leads are connected to positive and negative rectified voltages. These four leads are pin-to-pin with typical bridge-rectifier diodes pins.


The following figure shows an example of a TEA2208DB1576 demo board mounted on an NXP Semiconductors TEA2016DB1519 demo board.


3.1 Additional board support

Refer to UM11348, TEA2208DB1576 Active bridge rectifier controller demo board user manual for additional details on the hardware configuration.

4. Learn more

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The page provides overview information, technical and functional specifications, ordering information, documentation and software. The Get Started provides quick-reference information applicable to using the TEA2208DB1576 board, including the downloadable assets.

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