Getting Started with the PTN38007/PTN38003 Evaluation Board

This page will assist you in learning about your PTN38007/PTN38003 evaluation board.

Get to Know the Hardware

2.1 Board Features


  • Type-C plug to connect to a PC (H2 board) or a device (D2 board)
  • Type-C receptacle to connect to a device (H2 board) or a Host (H2 board) via USB-C cable
  • USB-to-I2C bridge to configure EVM via PC's GUI

2.2 Board Description

There are two boards included in the EVM package: a H2 board and a D2 board. The H2 board (or DFP board) is intended to plug into a notebook or PC and connect to a device via a USB-C cable. The D2 board (or UFP board) is intended to plug into a device or monitor and connect to a notebook or PC via a USB-C cable.

An included USB-2-I2C module is used to configure the EVM via a GUI running on a host PC.

PTN38007 EVMs can be used to evaluate USB3, DisplayPort, Thunderbolt3 and USB4 interfaces. The PTN38003A EVMs can only support USB3 and DisplayPort interfaces.

2.3 Board Components

Overview of the evaluation board


Configure the Hardware


PTN38007/3 P2R application board and LPCUSBSIO module should be connected together such that J103 is mated with J307, and J104 is mated with J306. Use J101 to connect to host side, and J102 to connect to device side.

A micro-USB cable should be connected to J301 on the LPCUSBSIO module to provide power to the entire setup. This USB cable allows the use of NXPs LPCUSBSIO USB-2- I2>C bridge to communicate with PTN38007/3’s I2C via USB2 interface. The user can download PTN38007/PTN38003A GUI from the Design Resources section of this guide. It is recommended to first flash the LPCUSBSIO module with the latest firmware, which is located under the GUI package firmware directory. Refer to UM11595  for details on how to flash the firmware.

In the GUI package, there are directories for H2 board (PTN3800x DFP) and D2 board (PTN3800x UFP). Execute the GUI that matches the correct hardware. There are default script files that are already pre-loaded in each directory based on the hardware type. If the wrong script directory is used, the EVM is configured incorrectly.

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