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NXP® takes your development time and effort very seriously. That's why CodeWarrior™ Development Studio for Microcontrollers, v6.0 has been optimized to make it easier, faster and more accessible than any previous version. We have re-engineered the Fast Track CodeWarrior tools to help you get your products to market sooner. The latest CodeWarrior Development Studio is:
  • Easy—A quick start guide leads you through installation and the creation of your first project, and an overview tutorial for introductory users is accessible anytime during a project. You have more than 100 sample projects, in Assembly and C, to use as templates to build your own project.
  • Fast—The project wizard creates a working project, in Assembly or C, in as few as seven mouse clicks, and an assist knowledgebase helps device initialization. You not only can change the target microcontroller in an open project, but also the debug/Flash programming connection.
  • Accessible—The Fast Track CodeWarrior tools are available on CD or as a download. CodeWarrior Development Studio Special Edition is free of charge.* An updater utility enables Web access for product updates and service packs.
*Subject to license agreement and registration