NTAG213_215_216: NFC Forum Type 2 Tag compliant IC with 144/504/888 bytes user memory

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  • NXP connected NFC tags by MobileKnowledge
  • In this webinar we focus on the connected tags portfolio of NXP built on the strong NXP NFC tags family (NTAG) which is targeting Electronics integration.
  • 1 Hour(s)
MobileKnowledge 主催者に問い合わせる 主催者に問い合わせる

Hardware & Software Engineering Services (2)

  • vendorName
  • MobileKnowledge
  • We are a team of HW & SW system engineers experts in Smart, Connected and Secure technologies and their related applications: NFC, secure micro-controllers, smart cards, mobile applications, reader ICs, ...
  • Engineering ConsultantEurope, Americas
  • vendorName
  • Ingenutec, LLC
  • Ingenutec provides NFC and EMV OEM products, development and consulting services. "Antenna to App" is our approach. Having worked with NXP NFC components for over 9 years, our experience and ...
  • Engineering ConsultantAmericas

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