NTAG213_215_216: NFC Forum Type 2 Tag compliant IC with 144/504/888 bytes user memory

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Hardware & Software Engineering Services (2)

  • vendorName
  • Ingenutec, LLC
  • Ingenutec provides NFC and EMV OEM products, development and consulting services. "Antenna to App" is our approach. Having worked with NXP NFC components for over 9 years, our experience and ...
  • Approved Engineering ConsultantsAmericas
  • vendorName
  • Innovoi Ltd
  • Innovoi Ltd is a provider of innovative UHF & NFC RFID research and development services to the Internet of Things world. If standard RFID product on the market doesn’t meet ...
  • Approved Engineering ConsultantsAsia, Europe, Americas, China, Japan

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