This passively powered NFC tag and label IC solutions consist of the NTAG21x, the NTAG Tag Tamper and the NTAG DNA families addressing different application needs. They work seamlessly with our NFC reader ICs, which are used in more than 90 percent of all NFC-equipped mobile handset models. NTAG21x NFC solutions can store NDEF-formatted data, making them fully compatible with every NFC-enabled phone and the entire ISO/IEC 14443 infrastructure for contactless smart cards.

NTAG can enable entirely new consumer experiences and supports new business applications including interactive advertising, proximity retail marketing, on-package and on-product information sharing, easy Wifi or Bluetooth pairing or business card exchange. In connection with cloud-based services and NFC enabled mobile devices the tagged items have their own addressable digital profiles and data exchange and service delivery can happen in real time enabling IoT solutions.


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