The NTAG® NFC tag platform supports business applications such as interactive advertising, proximity retail marketing, product authentication, and parametrization (or on-package and on-product information sharing). Based on the proximity ISO/IEC 14443 industry standard, the NTAG platform contains NFC Forum type 2- and type 4-compliant tag ICs with an operating range of up to 10 cm. NTAG products offer seamless and powerful Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity solutions.

NTAG and the Internet of Things

NTAG products offer seamless and powerful IoT connectivity solutions. On-, and In item electronics can connect products to the web, by simply tapping products with an NFC enabled reader devices. The IoT is based on securely collecting IDs and data from such devices and communicating them to the cloud, where products have their own addressable digital profiles and can exchange data in real time.


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