LPC1100 Series: Scalable Entry-level Microcontrollers (MCUs) based on Arm® Cortex®-M0+/M0 Cores

LPC1100 series MCUs run at speeds up to 50 MHz. This diverse group covers industry-standard features like USB, LCD, and CAN. Some products include special features like a 12 ch/12-bit ADC, or an I/O Handler (IOH) which gives developers added functionality during the design cycle.

The LPC1100 MCUs are ideal solutions for:

  • Applications prioritizing small size, low pin-count, and/or low power consumption with requirements for integrated connectivity (USB or CAN), analog, segment LCD, or EEPROM
  • BOM cost sensitivity: on-chip USB PHY and CAN transceiver reduce cost
  • Plug-and-play USB: certified USB drivers, VID/PID program
  • High-performance analog: 12 ch/12-bit 2 Msps, ADC,12-bit DAC, comparators, PWMs, temp sensor
  • Improved reliability and performance using on-chip EEPROM for data storage

The LPC1100 series includes:

  • LPC1100: low power, low pin-count
  • LPC11U00: USB device
  • LPC11C00: CAN
  • LPC11D00: segment LCD display
  • LPC11E00: EEPROM
  • LPC11A00: analog
  • LPC1100LV: dual supply voltage