Power Architecture® Processors

The world's broadest portfolio of processors built on Power Architecture® technology, enabling networking, automotive, consumer and industrial applications.

QorIQ® Platforms

NXP's Power-Architecture-based portfolio offers the highest level of integration, the most comprehensive software and hardware enablement and the broadest performance range.

QorIQ P-Series

Highest performance

Based on field-proven Power Architecture technology.

QorIQ T-Series

Power efficient

Power-efficient products for networking and industrial applications.

QorIQ QonvergeTM

Experience our SoC expertise

Multimode solutions for femtocell, picocell, metrocell and macrocell.

PowerQUICC Processors

NXP's PowerQUICC communications processors, Built on Power Architecture technology, PowerQUICC communications processors support the entire spectrum of embedded networking equipment, industrial and general embedded applications.


Featuring QUICC Engine technology

An exceptional combination of performance and functionality.


Based on the more powerful 603e core

Built on Power Architecture technology, and optimized for embedded applications.


Feature QUICC Engine technology

Designed for networking, communications and computing applications.


The most highly-integrated PowerQUICC

Offers advanced features and high-speed connectivity for enterprise networking.

MPC5xxx/55xx 32-bit MCUs

NXP's MPC5xxx/55xx MCUs broad MPC5xxx/55xx MCU portfolio offers highly integrated solutions with a focus on quality and long-term reliability for automotive applications.


Designed to simplify functional safety compliance

Performance scalability with single-core and multicore options ranging from 32 MHz to over 300 MHz.


High processing with sophisticated peripheral sets.

A range of single- to dual-core options offers performance scalability up to 270 MHz and memory sizes from 128 KB to 3 MB.


High-performance, FlexRay, High-temperature

High-performance single and dual-core microcontrollers with up to 3 M of memory, offering performance scalability from 32 MHz to 144 MHz.


For real-time control applications

Single-core, 66 MHz microcontrollers with up to 1 MB of flash.

mobileGT MCUs(51xx/52xx)

Navigation, Infotainment, Telematics

Host and Integrated Processors

NXP's Our e600 core includes the AltiVecTM technology engine, enabling software developers to achieve dramatic acceleration in performance-driven, high-bandwidth computing and communications applications.

Host and Integrated Processors

Ideal for high-performance processing in networking, aerospace and defense, storage and pervasive computing applications.