IMXANDROID: Android OS for i.MX Applications Processors

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  • In-depth technical trainings with Android and i.MX.
  • 4 Day(s)
Witekio 主催者に問い合わせる 主催者に問い合わせる

Hardware & Software Engineering Services (7)

  • vendorName
  • Witekio
  • Witekio’s adventure started 15 years ago under the name Adeneo Embedded, as a precursor of complex and connected embedded systems. Witekio is an embedded software expert with a system level ...
  • Engineering ConsultantAsia, Europe, Americas, China
  • vendorName
  • Engicam
  • Starting from 2009 in order to simplify the development of innovative and technologically advanced products Engicam merchandises several type of CPU modules based on the latest generation of Freescale processors.Engicam ...
  • ProvenEurope
  • vendorName
  • Firstview Consultants
  • FirstView Consultants is an Austin, TX, company with rapid prototyping, system architecture, & software solutions expertise in automotive, medical and industrial markets. We understand that every company is different & ...
  • Engineering ConsultantAmericas
  • vendorName
  • ByteSnap Design Ltd.
  • ByteSnap Design is an award-winning embedded systems softwaredevelopment and electronics design consultancy,creating innovative, robust and high qualityelectronics and software products for our customers.ByteSnap Design combines in-house software andelectronics expertise, creativity ...
  • Engineering ConsultantEurope, Americas
  • vendorName
  • Eurotech
  • Eurotech solutions combine hardware, firmware, operating systems, M2M middleware and device cloud services that drive business success. A global leader in connecting distributed devices that make up the Internet of ...
  • ProvenAsia, Europe, Americas, China
  • vendorName
  • Shenzhen Honmax Technology Ltd
  • Honmax Technology Limited provides product development services including hardware and software design, RF/Analog design. Founded in 2005, the company has a skilled, young, energetic, and experienced R&D team. Honmax delivers ...
  • ProvenChina
  • vendorName
  • TQ-Systems GmbH
  • TQ is a worldwide technology supplier; we deliver state of the art industrial electronics to a number of industries including industrial electronics, communications, transportation, medical, energy and aerospace. We are ...
  • ProvenEurope, Americas, China, Japan, Asia

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