Our new development platform enables rapid prototyping and tool re-use starting at only $25 each.

The StarterTRAK series are specifically chosen automotive 16-bit, Kinetis® EA Series or MPC5xxx 32-bit MCU products with rich feature-sets that address each of these market segments (Body and Security, Powertrain, and Safety & Chassis). Using StarterTRAK enables faster time to market and offers significant value at affordable prices.

StarterTRAK Products by Family

StarterTRAK Products by Application

  • Body Electronics Applications  
    • TRK-USB-MPC5604B: MPC5604B StarterTRAK USB for Body Electronics
    • TRK-KEA128: KEA128 StarterTRAK for CAN applications  
    • TRK-KEA64: KEA64 StarterTRAK MCU with 256B EEPROM  
    • TRK-KEA8: KEA8 StarterTRAK for low-end automotive applications  
    • TRK-MPC5606B: MPC5606B StarterTRAK for Body Electronics
    • TRK-S12ZVFP64: MagniV for Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Applications  
    • TRK-USB-S12G128: S12G StarterTRAK USB for body applications requiring CAN or LIN communication
  • Chassis and Safety Applications  
  • Instrument Cluster Applications  
    • TRK-KEA128: KEA128 StarterTRAK for CAN applications  
    • TRK-S12ZVH128: MagniV for Automotive Instrument Cluster Applications  
    • TRK-S12ZVHY64: MagniV for Motorcycle Instrument Cluster Applications  
  • Powertrain Applications  

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