Register and Activate Your Suite

The online registration system will register and activate your CodeWarrior Development Suite.This license will be registered to the account used to log in to the NXP website. If your employer manages software licenses centrally, you should check with your company's license administrator to ensure that you use the correct login so that tools are registered properly for your company. Otherwise they will be registered to your individual NXP account.

USB Dongle

The USB Dongle is a small device that plugs into a USB port on a host computer to provide an ID that is used in licensing the use of CodeWarrior software. NXP provides them as a licensing option for our customers. The dongle allows for a single, specific node-locked copy of a given CodeWarrior software suite to be used with any given computer system, by attaching the dongle to their computer's USB port. Proper operation of the desired CodeWarrior software product does require a valid license on the USB dongle.

Evaluation Licenses

All CodeWarrior product evaluations now automatically install a 30-day full license. DO NOT need to register to get an evaluation license key.

To start evaluating your CodeWarrior product today:

  • Evaluation Software
  • Find the CodeWarrior product you would like to evaluate
  • Install the product
  • You're ready to use the CodeWarrior tools!

If automated evaluation licensing fails for any reason, please go to the support page to enter a service request.
Choose "Category: Software Product Support and Topic: License Issues" and provide the requested information. Your service request will be created automatically. You will receive a service request number unique to your issue, which you can use for further communication with us should difficulties arise.

FLEXlm Downloads

Downloads relevant to the FLEXlm software used to license your NXP product.

Quick Start Guides