Leaders in RF innovation and technology for more than 60 years, NXP offers an extensive portfolio of RF product for the cellular, automotive, industrial and consumer markets, from milliwatts to kilowatts.

    Digital Front End Processors
    • Programmable, high performance single chip solution for digital front end processing
    • Scalable architecture for 2x2, 4x4 and 8x8 antenna configurations
    • DPD rate up to 983 MHz
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    RF Power Transistors
    • Cellular Infrastructure
    • Industrial, Scientific and Medical
    • Broadcast
    • Commercial Aerospace
    • Mobile Radio
    • Military
    • Cooking
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    RF Amplifiers - Low / Medium Power
    • Low noise amplifiers
    • Medium power amplifiers
    • Wideband amplifiers
    • Variable gain amplifiers
    • For general wireless and infrastructure applications ranging from DC to 6 GHz
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    Automotive Radar
    • 77 GHz multi-channel transceiver chipset
    • Long- and mid-range
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    Control Circuits
    • BTS Doherty alignment modules spanning 700-2700 MHz
    • 3-bit digital step attenuator
    • RF switches
    • For wireless applications from DC to 4 GHz, including infrastructure and mobile radio
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    Low Power TX/RX ICs
    • Transmitter IQ modulators
    • Fractional-N PLL based transmitters
    • Highly integrated single-chip sub 1 GHz RF transceivers
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    RF Mixers
    • ESD protection at all pins
    • Low external component count
    • Alignment-free concept
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    PLLs and Oscillators
    • Microwave LO Generators
    • Integrated PLL VCOs
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    Low Power TX/RX Discrete Transistors
    • Bipolar RF power transistors plus dedicated solutions for LNAs, mixers, frequency multipliers, buffers, amplifiers & drivers
    • JFETs for switching and general RF applications
    • MOSFETs for switching and general RF applciations
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    Car Radio Tuners
    • Analog and digital IF solutions
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