To help developers take advantage of the performance benefits of AltiVec technology, NXP and Mentor Graphics Corporation provide a software library of advanced mathematical and signal processing functions optimized for the latest version of NXP's AltiVec processing engine. The Mentor® Embedded Performance Library for NXP's AltiVec technology is designed to help NXP's recently announced QorIQ T Series achieve maximum performance from the newest AltiVec engine while simultaneously supporting software developer productivity.

    Embedded system designers using can leverage AltiVec technology to boost the performance of their applications. For example, using these libraries, NXP has demonstrated a 100 percent improvement in CPU efficiency by using AltiVec technology-enabled memory copying and checksum calculation functions in the TCP/IP protocol stacks within Linux.

    The Mentor Embedded Performance Library for NXP's AltiVec technology can be downloaded for free.

    Additional downloadable AltiVec libraries include the libc data-movement functions (memcpy, memmove and memset) and their related non-ANSI functions (bcopy and bzero). Developers can download and use these AltiVec functions to enhance the speed of their existing applications.

    Watch this site for future additions to the AltiVec library, as well as related application notes including the source code.

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