Energy usage monitoring is becoming increasingly important as electricity consumers want to, or will need to, better manage their energy usage. To achieve this, it is essential that consumers know their usage.

    Using Energy measurement ICs, it is easy to create energy monitoring applications without needing to be a metrology expert.

    NXP's application processors for energy measurement include a built-in metrology engine with an accuracy of up to 0.5%, and are available in several variants to support different configuration requirements. Each variant is built around a low-power, cost-effective, industry-standard ARM Cortex-M0 core. All devices include an on-chip temperature sensor and are configured for single-channel (SC), singlephase (SP), three-phase (TP), and multi-channel (MC) operation.

    NXP' offers a complete development platform for its energy measurement ICs that supports single- and multi-channel applications. The development platform includes an evaluation board equipped with an LCD panel and a USB interface. The designer can view metrology data directly on the boards' LCD panel or, with the board connected to a PC, can use the platform's PC application to generate graphs for voltage, current, harmonics and more.


    • Up to 0.5% accuracy metrology engine
    • Dynamic range up to 1,000: 1 below the maximum current load
    • Multiple variants for design flexibility: single- and multi-channel, single- and three-phase
    • Configurable uptime for period of measurement
    • Power line frequency detection and tracking of power-line frequency
    • Built-in temperature sensor with accuracy to within 3 °C

    Target Applications

    • Smart plugs and plug meters
    • DALI/DMX and KNX nodes with metering functionality
    • Industrial sub-meters
    • Power monitors for servers
    • Smart appliances