Bringing together the best of both worlds.


The convergence of low power applications processors and high performance microcontrollers is here. The i.MX RT Series is the industry’s first crossover processor, offering the highest performance ARM® Cortex®-M core, real-time functionality and MCU usability at an affordable price.

Move Fast, React Fast

  • Highest performing Cortex-M7 at 600 MHz
  • Real time, low latency response with a large, unprecedented memory configuration of 512KB Tightly Coupled Memory (TCM)
  • Lowest dynamic power consumption enabled by integrated DC-DC converter and efficient power gating

Create Advanced Multimedia

  • 2D graphics acceleration engine
  • LCD display and camera interface
  • Advanced Audio DSP

Connect and Protect

  • High Security with High Assurance Boot (HAB) with on-the-fly QSPI Flash Decryption
  • 128-bit AES with DPA protection and TRNG
  • Enable wireless connectivity via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, BLE, Zigbee, and Thread

Save Time and Money

  • Leverage existing MCU toolchains—MCUXpresso, IAR and Keil
  • Rapid and easy prototyping and development with NXP FreeRTOS, SDK, ARM mbed and the global ARM ecosystem which provide software libraries and online tools and support
  • Faster development using the low-cost evaluation kit (EVK) compatible with Arduino™ hardware shields

White Paper on CrossOver space

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