JN516x Zigbee Smart Energy

Zigbee Energy

ZigBee Smart Energy (SE) is the world's leading standard for interoperable wireless products that monitor, control and automate the delivery and use of energy (and other resources, such as water). A wireless network is implemented at the consumer's premises using the ZigBee PRO protocol with the Smart Energy application profile. This Home Area Network (HAN) contains devices such as a Metering Device, In-Premise Display (IPD) and Load Control Device, and is connected to the energy provider using an Energy Service Interface (ESI) via a backhaul network.

NXP provides a comprehensive smart energy solution to help reduce global carbon footprints and is a Golden Unit candidate for zigbee Smart Energy v1.4 application profile. This complete solution provides mature hardware and software designed to ease development and deployment of zigbee Smart Energy in-home displays, gas meters, electricity meters, and communication hubs.

Note: K32W061/41 or JN5189/88T are preferred for any new Zigbee®, Thread and Bluetooth® LE 5.0 design. No new software releases planned

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Maximizing Security In ZigBee Networks

ZigBee is one of the main protocols for use in home-based and office-based wireless networks that form part of the IoT, and ZigBee’s security and privacy provision has therefore attracted close attention in the popular media.

Smart Energy Software

NXP's Smart Energy software solution for the JN5168 and JN5169 Wireless microcontrollers include zigbee Golden Unit, zigbee PRO protocol, and zigbee Smart Energy application profile v1.4 (Golden Unit candidate).

ZigBee PRO with the Smart Energy profile is available for the JN5168 microcontroller. The protocol, profile and associated support software are supplied in the following Software Developer's Kit (SDK):

The above SDK must be installed on top of the JN51xx SDK Toolchain (JN-SW-4041). SDK details and installation instructions are provided in the SDK Installation and User Guide (JN-UG-3064).

A Smart Energy demonstration application is provided and described in the Smart Energy HAN Solutions Application Note (JN-AN-1135). This demonstration can be programmed into and run on the boards of the JN516x-E001 Evaluation Kit.

Software, Documentation and Support Resources

A wide range of user resources are provided to aid in the development of custom SE solutions, including an SDK, User Guides and Application Notes. Those resources that are relevant to SE are listed below.

Hardware-related resources can be found on the Support Resources for JN516x MCUs page

Part Number Title Description Version
JN-SW-4064 ZigBee Smart Energy SDK Software for the development of ZigBee PRO wireless network applications based on the Smart Energy (SE) profile for JN516x devices. Must be installed on top of the JN51xx SDK Toolchain. 993
JN-SW-4041 SDK Toolchain Toolchain for developing JN516x applications. 1.1
JN-SW-4007 JN51xx Flash Programmer Utility for loading built applications into JN51xx Flash memory. 1.8.9
User Guides
JN-UG-3048 ZigBee PRO Stack User Guide Introduces essential ZigBee PRO concepts and details the ZigBee PRO APIs for developing applications. 2.5
JN-UG-3059 ZigBee PRO Smart Energy API User Guide Introduces ZigBee Smart Energy (SE) and details the SE API for developing applications. 3.4
JN-UG-3075 JenOS User Guide Details the JenOS APIs used in ZigBee PRO application code to manage OS resources. 1.8
JN-UG-3077 ZigBee Cluster Library User Guide Describes the NXP implementation of the ZigBee Cluster Library (ZCL). 2.1
JN-UG-3081 JET User Guide Describes the JN51xx Encryption Tool used to produce encrypted and/or merged application binary files. 1.7
Application Notes
JN-AN-1135 Smart Energy HAN Solutions Application Note Provides and describes example Smart Energy Home Area Network solutions. 4.2
JN-AN-1172 JN516x Customer Module Evaluation Tool Provides and describes a tool which can be used to place the JN516x microcontroller into a number of test modes that enable measurement of module performance. 1.1
JN-AN-1175 Packet Error Rate Testing for JN516x Provides and describes Packet Error Rate (PER) testing software that can be used on boards from a JN516x evaluation kit. 1.1
Related Documentation
JN-DS-JN516x JN516x Datasheet Details the JN516x series of microcontrollers. 1.3
JN-DS-JN5168-001-MO JN5168-001-Myy Datasheet Details the JN5168-001-Myy series of modules. 1.4
JN-RM-2003 LPRF Board API Reference Manual Details the Board API, used in application code to interact with components on the boards supplied in an evaluation kit. 2.4
JN-UG-3007 JN51xx Flash Programmer User Guide Describes how to use the JN51xx Flash Programmer. 2.2
JN-UG-3064 SDK Installation and User Guide Describes how to install the Software Developer's Kits (SDKs) and how to use the Eclipse development platform. 4.4
JN-UG-3087 JN516x Integrated Peripherals API User Guide Details the JN516x Integrated Peripherals API, used in application code to interact with JN516x on-chip peripherals. 1.5
JN-UG-3093 JN516x-EK001 Evaluation Kit User Guide Describes the contents of this JN516x evaluation kit, and how to set up and run the pre-loaded demonstration. 1.5