NXP® and BAM Labs Enable Nonintrusive Health Monitoring

BAM Labs

BAM Labs' Touch-Free Life Care (TLC) System utilizes NXP technology to track biosignals without keeping people tethered to bedside monitors.


Remove the physical barriers to data acquisition and access that have traditionally made continuous health monitoring costly and challenging for patients and caregivers alike.


NXP MPXV2010 pressure sensor, MC9S08JM16 microcontroller and i.MX 6 applications processor work together to provide complete hardware support for data collection, networking and communications in BAM Labs' health monitoring solution.


With the TLC System, a simple sensor mat placed under any mattress is all that's required to continuously monitor key health indicators, including heart and breathing rate trends, sleep behaviors and motion. It dramatically simplifies health data collection for both patients and caregivers.

“NXP is truly a one-stop technology resource for us, with the hardware support we need for data collection and communications, as well as the right software platform for our product development team.”

–Steve Young, CTO of BAM Labs

BAM Labs

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