NXP® and Insulet Corporation to Help Improve Diabetes Care


Insulet Corporation develops innovative drug delivery devices made possible by NXP Semiconductors technology.


Create a wireless, tubing-free insulin pump that’s easy to use, helps to increase patient compliance and improves the overall quality of life for people with diabetes.


NXP designed a microcontroller with integrated wireless technology, based on ultra-low-power S08 core architecture that meets Insulet’s market requirement to design a small, incredibly power-efficient insulin management system that helps to free patients from traditional medical tubes.


Insulet’s OmniPod insulin pump is discreet, durable, wireless and incredibly easy to use, with just two user-friendly parts that communicate wirelessly.

“We hear one thing from our customers every day: ’OmniPod has changed my life.’ Parents say that their kids can eat when they want and lead regular, active-kid lives. Athletes can get back to the sports they love. We saw that NXP had the right microcontrollers to control size and cost for the disposable pods, and RF connectivity for the PDM and pod to communicate wirelessly. Ultimately, our goal is to provide superior treatment options for people with diabetes-and to make diabetes an ever smaller part of life.”

– Kevin Schmid, Insulet’s VP of Business Development


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