NXP® and OrCam Transform the Lives of the Visually Impaired


OrCam eyeglass-mounted device for the visually impaired uses processing power from i.MX 6Quad processor, paired with the added power management provided by the PF0100 power managment IC (PMIC).


Create a portable solution for the visually impaired that allows them to access activities that most people take for granted but which pose tremendous challenges for them – riding the bus, shopping for groceries, reading the newspaper.


The OrCam solution employs sophisticated visual computing algorithms run by NXP’s high performance and energy efficient i.MX 6Quad processor to interpret visual inputs and communicate their meaning in real time to the person wearing the technology.


For people whose visual impairments prevent them from easily interacting with the world around them, OrCam offers a wearable, affordable intuitive solution.

“Our i.MX 6Quad processors delivered the processing power we needed in a small form factor and with all-day battery life – unmatched by anyone one else. On top of that, our close relationship with NXP gave us early access to the SW, tools, samples and state of the art support allowing us to achieve our clear mission: To use advanced computer vision to help the visually impaired and blind.”

– Yonatan Wexler, VP of R&D at Orcam

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