NXP® and pomdevices Help Seniors Stay Independent


Sonamba Wellbeing Status Monitor/Medical Alert System integrates NXP technology for processing, power management and wireless connectivity


Develop a device for seniors living independently that allows caregivers, family members and other support providers to remotely check on their wellbeing.


NXP provided the applications processor, power management IC and wireless connectivity that pomdevices needed for its device. With NXP’s technology, pomdevices was able to easily deliver capabilities for monitoring seniors’ status and providing them with social communications, calendar reminders and a host of other features.


The Sonamba Wellbeing Status Monitor/ Medical Alert System from pomdevices enables seniors to continue to live independently with confidence, and frees those who care for and about them from anxiety about their welfare.

“Having processor support for large, bright, readable graphics was critical to making Sonamba appealing to the senior market.

NXP’s i.MX27 application processor was the ideal choice for enabling these and other key capabilities.”

– Ajit Pendse, CEO of pomdevices