NXP® and Unovo Help Conserve Energy With Smart Energy Management System


Shanghai Unovo Information Technology Co., Ltd established in August 2011, is a company focused on independent research and development of car networking hardware and software with four core businesses: Intelhub, Interbox, Intepad and Fcc. Dedicated to making continuous innovations for meeting the demands of their customers and in cooperation with their partners, Unovo has built a strong team in the fields of IoT, connected car system, mobile Internet, cloud computing and computer hardware and software.


As economic development continues to increase in China, so too do the challenges of high energy consumption by office buildings, factories and large public buildings. Data shows by 2020, unless effective measures are taken, the magnitude of architectural energy consumption will reach three times the current level, making the tension between energy supply and demand even more intense. As a result, the trend of installing energy management systems to realize energy saving has risen.


By pairing Unovo’s cloud technology together with NXP’s Kinetis M series MCUs, i.MX 6 series processors and software and metering protocol libraries, Unovo was able to develop a comprehensive Smart Energy Management System. This advanced energy management system effectively monitors the operational status of energy-consuming equipment, helping reduce the cost of energy, which already has been deployed in several chain hotels and shopping malls.

Figure 1: Unovo’s Smart Energy Management System Architecture

Smart Energy Management System Target Applications

The Smart Energy Management System is highly valuable in large architectural spaces such as the factories, hotels, supermarkets and other public buildings where it is used to monitor and manage usage to help realize energy savings.

For instance, in the hospitality industry there is lots of wasteful water and energy usage happening as guests check in/out of their hotel. To help combat this issue, hotels have adopted the Smart Energy Management System to monitor each room's usage – auto recording water and electricity usage as guests check-in. As an incentive to be cognoscente of water and energy usage during their stay, credits toward a free stay are provided to guests who responsibly conserve energy.

Strong Local Technology Support

NXP’s strong support and partnership enabled Unovo to cut design and development time down to three months during this project. In addition, the strong support provided by local FAE and AE teams along with relevant reference designs will help Unovo expand its portfolio offering and seize additional opportunities in China’s rapidly changing market.