The Future of Shopping with NXP Technology

Today’s retailers are using technology innovations to increase efficiency, increase sales, engage with customers in new ways, enhance customer satisfaction, bring consumer convenience to new levels and overall bring new energy to the shopping experience by engaging with consumers at deeper, more meaningful levels.

It’s called Smart Retail, and it’s what happens when businesses successfully integrate online, offline, logistics, and data across a single value chain. Whether deployed in-store or online, smart retail generates a competitive advantage by creating omnichannel buying opportunities that not only make shopping easier but also transform consumer experiences.

The NXP Difference

As the identification industry’s number-one supplier of semiconductor technology, we’ve assembled a best-in-class portfolio for smart retail. Our products deliver standout performance across every operating range and at every level of security, so it’s easy to find the right fit for any application in smart retail, now and in the future.

Our portfolio for smart retail builds on our long-standing expertise in security and contactless technologies. Every day, and in every part of the world, billions of people rely on our portfolio to protect their privacy and enable secure transactions. When it comes to smart retail, we draw on our groundbreaking work in banking, secure government ID, corporate access, and public transport to develop security solutions for retail.