Privacy Statement Vehicle Recording by NXP

What personal data do we collect?

NXP runs vehicles with cameras to record video images of “every-day” traffic situations, including cars, trucks, license plates, pedestrians, etc.

The recording is no real-time recording. The recording shows only what our systems were able to see on that specific day, that they passed by the location(s). The data will be processed for our development, improvement and safety verification in our own highly secured environment. It shall and will not be used to identify any individual.

How do we collect data?

We might collect such recordings directly by deploying a vehicle ourselves equipped with the video recording and sensors. This vehicle can be easily recognized by large NXP logos on the side of the car.

NXP might also use third parties to indirectly collect “every-day” traffic situations data in California, United States of America. The third parties in such cases collects the data as separate data controller and are thereby responsible for ensuring it operates in accordance with applicable laws and regulation, including obligations (on how) to inform individuals about the processing.

When does the collection take place?

The Netherlands: In The Netherlands we use a Volkswagen ID4 that can easily be recognized by large NXP logos. NXP shall deploy vehicles with the video recording within the following schedule:

Date and Times:

  • Q4 2022 – Q1 2023: Eindhoven, mainly on or nearby the High Tech Campus area

Third Parties: California, United States

How the Processing Takes Place

The recording takes place within our own secured technical facilities with image quality verification to test and develop our image processing algorithms on the basis of legitimate interest. We use the recorded images (faces and license plates) to train and developed new innovative algorithms for possible autonomous vehicles. We also use this data to find corner cases to verify that our algorithms do not fail. We need this data to verify functionality of new chip for Automotive as well as Industrial industry. The data that is collected shall and will not be used to identify the individual. The data will also not been shared with external parties. The data will be processed in our own highly secured environment. The recording is without real-time storage. The recording shows only what our systems were able to see on that specific day, that they passed by the location(s).

Retention Period

We will retain the data in a highly secured environment for 7 years. This is in line with the related product’s typical development cycles and enables us to test, compare and improve products from generation to generation.

Data Subject Rights

According to applicable data protection laws, you have the right to request access, delete your personal data or object to the processing activity. Please feel free to reach out to our data protection team via e-mail: The data protection team will handle your request and shall contact you for identity verification.