RoadLINK – embracing intelligent transport's future

Intelligent transport system (ITS) technology allows cars to communicate with each other as well as with intelligent traffic infrastructures. The IEEE802.11p Wireless Access in Vehicular Environments (WAVE) standard allows cars to securely connect to each other as well as to infrastructure, helping to reduce road accidents, saving people’s lives, reducing CO2 emissions and improving traffic flow.

NXP RoadLINK technology exchanges messages reliably across an extended range at high speed, cutting ‘time to react’ and communicating potential hazards and safety-critical scenarios significantly faster than conventional applications.

The leader in V2X trials, RoadLINK offers the robust and secure foundation for creating ITS all around the world. Supporting both DSRC (IEEE 802.11p) and Wi-Fi (802.11abgn) wireless standards, RoadLINK can upload and access data via home Wi-Fi and hotspot connections.

Safety and security combined

Technological innovations often lead to changes in our driving styles, whether it’s start-stop technology, parking assist or blind-spot detection. Fast becoming the proven ITS technology of choice, RoadLINK V2V and V2I implementations will make driving safer, smoother, less frustrating and more eco-friendly, as well as open up fruitful commercial services.

The robust RoadLINK platform supports accepted standards (such as IEEE802.11p) and various OEM configurations, and offers a high level of security. Flexible and scalable, it enables a diverse range of applications, from traffic control to commercial use-cases such as toll collection and driver services.