As the world’s leader in automotive semiconductors, we offer a complete portfolio of advanced motor and solenoid drivers for automotive and industrial applications. Our Smart Power Drivers include solutions for brushed DC, brushless DC, motors, configurable switches and intelligent switches integrating the analog, digital and power components into a single package solution using SMOS technology. This unique technology, means that we can offer SPI interface, diagnostics, programmability and protection. Moreover, our product portfolio includes the most complete Smart Power portfolio of ISO 2626 certified products to meet current and future functional safety requirements.

    We feature a high-current Smart Power family that contains a wide breadth of self-protected high-side switches combining our latest SMARTMOS and N-MOS Power technologies.

    These devices branded ‘Extreme Switch’ provide robust and flexible designs intended for automotive and industrial applications. Different families are available for 12, 24 and 36 volt systems offering SPI, control, diagnostic and low on-resistance ranging from 2 to 50 milliohms per channel.

    Smart Power Drivers