SXSW® Interactive 2018

    Designing drones with NXP® and Arm®

    March 10-13 | Austin, Texas

    Join NXP with Arm and industry insiders from March 10-13 at Capital Factory’s Future of Technology Lounge during SXSW Interactive for a showcase of drone technology, reception and panel discussion on this emerging opportunity with leading experts at Dronecode,, RoboNation, SmartCities, and Auterion.

    The Big Reveal: HoverGames Drone Development Platform

    March 10-13 | Capital Factory | No badge required

    What new capability will you develop using NXP’s HoverGames drone platform? Be one of the first to try it out! Join us at Capitol Factory’s Future of Technology Lounge.

    This open compatible platform is equipped with exciting reliable auto-grade components and designed for new forms of industrial mobility, whether it’s a robot that flies, roves on land, or glides in water. Purpose built for startups, engineers, developers, programmers, tech enthusiasts and students, this modular platform will be used in the NXP HoverGames, a community-based series of embedded hardware and coding challenges.

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    Insider Panel

    Ready for Robots: Developing Drones and Rovers to Enhance Our Cities

    March 11, 7 p.m. | Capital Factory | No badge required

    By 2021, sales of commercial and consumer drones are set to exceed 30 million units with 50% annual growth in the commercial segment space. How will these platforms be used to improve our lives in our cities and rural areas? If you’re a developer, programmer, engineer or business owner, you can tap into this exciting market that’s poised for growth.

    Join NXP host Iain Galloway, Arm and industry insiders at Capital Factory during SXSW for a reception and hour-long panel discussion on the societal benefits the latest drone and rover technology will bring to our cities and communities.

    Moderator: Adam Benzion,

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    • Daniel Agar

      Daniel Agar


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      Greta Knappenberger

      SmartCities (Microsoft - istone)

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      Janelle Curtis


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      Jinger Zeng


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