USB Type-C ESD Protection and Common Mode Filters


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    NXP® offers ESD protection and Common Mode Filters with integrated ESD protection for the new USB Type-C connector. ESD protection is required to achieve system-level ESD robustness, since USB is an external interface. Common Mode Filters are needed to avoid interference between SuperSpeed USB and the overlapping GSM/LTE/WiFi frequencies, which are needed for wireless connectivity of portable devices.

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    NXP offers ESD protection, which offer a unique combination of supporting RF signal integrity as well as true system-level ESD. NXP’s Common Mode Filters offer an extremly wide-band Common Mode suppression to cover strong rejection of all critical noise frequencies.

    Target Applications

    • Notebook
    • Tablet
    • Desktop
    • Docking
    • Smartphone
    • Printer
    • Accessories
    • Cable
    • AC/DC Wall Charger

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