VGo Robotic Telepresence and NXP


Innovative VGo robotic telepresence is designed to lower healthcare costs while increasing patient care. The NXP powered VGo allows patients and healthcare professionals to be in two places at once.


Create a cost–effective, remote controlled, avatar that allows people to physically interact with others in real time from a distance.


NXP brings together multiple i.MX processors in one integrated package to support VGo's capabilities. The combination of sophisticated processing and extensive integration enables VGo to encapsulate a variety of complex features – including real–time video and audio, and remote–controlled mobility – in a lightweight, compact, easy–to–use device.


VGo frees people to go to places instantly – without travel – from patients who are home – or hospital–bound, to healthcare providers who can't afford to leave the office or hospital for extended periods.

The underlying processor technology from NXP is very sophisticated, but to the user, it's very simple," explains Tim Root, CTO and Co–Founder. "You just select where you want to go, click and you're there.

VGo Robotic Telepresence

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