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  • FXAS21002CQR1
  • End of Life
  • REEL-Reel 7" Q2/T3 in Drypack
    Min. Package Quantity: 1000
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Operating Characteristics

Parameter Value
IDD [typ (nA)]
Sensing Axis
Output Type
Supply voltage [max (V)]
Ambient Operating Temperature (Min to Max) (℃)
Supply voltage [min (V)]
ICC [typ (mA)]
Current Consumption (Ready Mode) (Typ) (mA)
IDD [typ (uA)]
Current Consumption (Standby Mode) (Typ) (uA)
Current Consumption (Active) (Typ) (mA)
Supply Voltage [Min to Max] (V)
Angular Rate Noise Density (Typ) (dps/Hz)
Angular Rate Range (Typ)
Standby Current (TYP) (uA)
Operating Temperature (Min-Max) (℃)
Sleep Mode Reponse Time (TYP) (ms)

Quality Information

Material Declaration Safe Assure Functional Safety Moisture Sensitivity Level (MSL) Peak Package Body Temperature (PPT) (C°) Maximum Time at Peak Temperatures (s)
Lead Free Soldering Lead Free Soldering Lead Free Soldering

Shipping Information

Part Number Harmonized Tariff (US) Disclaimer Export Control Classification Number (US)