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  • 201709019A

201709019A : FXLS8471QR1 ASECL Transfer and Copper Wire Qualification

NXP Semiconductors announces the assembly transfer of FXLS8471QR1 to ASE-Chungli Taiwan (ASECL) assembly site. These products were previously assembled at the Amkor Korea (ATK1) assembly site.With this change NXP Semiconductors also announces the materials change to Gold Palladium Copper (AuPdCu) wire Sumitomo EME-G700LA version P mold compound Ablestik Die Attach Film (DAF) ATB-125HA2 and Mitsui Rough Palladium Pre-plated Frame (PPF) with Nickel Palladium Gold (NiPdAu) C7025 material for FXLS8471QR1. These products were previously assembled with Gold (Au) wire Sumitomo EME-G700 mold compound Ablestik ATB-120A DAF and LGI (STW) PPF (micro NiPdAuAg) C7025 material. Qualification data will be available after qualification completion in February 2018.Due to limited supply of the current inventory the PCN will have an accelerated effective date of 7 days from the final PCN issue date.

PCN Type Change Category Issue Date
Advanced Product Change Notification Assembly location, Assembly materials, Assembly process 07-Oct-2017

Reason of Change

The transfer to ASECL is for supply continuity as a result of ATK1 closure. The transfer from Gold to Gold Palladium Copper wire is an alignment to industry standard convention for wirebond material type. The change to mold compound and die attach material for QFN 3x3 package is required to standardize the bill of materials for ASECL assembly production.

Identification of Affected Products

Product identification does not change There is no change to the orderable part numbers. NXP will have traceability of the assembly site by the 2nd digit of the tracecode.

Anticipated Impact

No impact to product form fit function or reliability is expected. No impact on form fit function reliability or quality.

Timing and Logistics

The Final PCN is planned to be issued on 02-Feb-2018

Affected Parts

Part Number / 12NC Last Time Buy Date Last Time Delivery Date Replacement Part
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