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  • 202011005I

202011005I : i.MX6ULZ Final Test Site Expansion from NXP-ATTJ to KESM Tianjin

NXP Semiconductors announces the Final Test site expansion for the i.MX6ULZ associated with this notification from the current NXP-ATTJ Tianjin China Final Test site to the KESM Tianjin China Final Test site. Final Test site expansion was successfully qualified adhering to NXP specifications. Please see the attached file(s) for additional details.

PCN Type Change Category Issue Date Effective Date
Customer Information Notification Test location 04-Dec-2020 06-Jan-2021

Reason of Change

Qualification of KESM Tianjin China is required for manufacturing flexibility and customer supply assurance.

Anticipated Impact

Equivalent final test flows hardware and software currently used at NXP-ATTJ Tianjin China test facility will be implemented at KESM Tianjin.No impact on form fit function reliability or quality.

Affected Parts

Part Number / 12NC Last Time Buy Date Last Time Delivery Date Replacement Part
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