• Product Change Notification (PCN)
  • 202208013DN

202208013DN : RC3 Process Discontinuation

Due to the ASMC RC3 process Discontinuation the Last Time Buy date is 17 Nov 2022 to allow allocation of material for LTB orders.

Discontinuation Information 

This Discontinuation informs that NXP Semiconductors (NXP) is now discontinuing the manufacture of parts. In accordance with NXP product discontinuation policy and JEDEC EIA/JESD48, we are hereby giving notice of these product changes so that our customers and partners can adjust their product purchasing records, or make any final lifetime purchases of the discontinued products that can still be supplied by NXP. 

Discontinued Product Terminology:  

  • Orderable Part Number 
  • NXP Part Number which includes part type and packing designator as referenced on the Customer’s order. 

  • Discontinuation Type 
  • Short description of the withdrawal status. Products listed as “Full Withdrawal“ indicate that all Product Types with similar functionality are being discontinued. Products listed as “Version Withdrawal“ indicates that a specific version or package is being discontinued but at least one other Product Type with similar functionality is still available.  

  • Availability Non-Manufacturable: 
  • Some Product Types may not be available and are identified as Non-Manufacturable. NXP can no longer produce these products and no supply or inventory exists for various reasons such as “not acceptable product quality” or “unique manufacturing restrictions”. Non-Manufacturable products cannot have a last time buy for commercially impracticable reasons. 

  • Availability Limited: 
  • For Limited Availability Product Types, a unique manufacturing or limited inventory or time condition exists. Where Limited Availability coded products are still manufacturable, a limited quantity of the Product Type has been, or will be, produced within NXP remaining capacity to meet our customers, or our distributors, commercially reasonable last time buy orders. Limited Availability products will be scheduled by NXP on a first-come/first-serve basis until the remaining Product Type manufacturing capacity or inventory is depleted. When the inventory for the Limited Availability Product Type is depleted, no additional last time buy order Product Type quantities can be supplied by NXP. 

  • Availability Standard End of Life: 
  • Standard End of Life Products Types have no known supply restriction and NXP customers and distributors' last time buy orders can be met according to NXP discontinued product (DOD) policy. 

  • Source 
  • Sole Source indicates that the Product Type being discontinued is unique to NXP Semiconductors. Multiple Sources indicates that the Product Type being discontinued could be available through other suppliers. 

  • Discontinued Part Last Time Buy Date 
  • Date indicates the last date NXP will accept an order on the discontinued product. NXP allows a six (6) month last order period for multiple-source products and a nine (9) month last order period for sole-source discontinued products or customer specific products. Last Time Buying is not possible for "Non-Manufacturable" discontinued products. "Limited availability" discontinued products are subject to the remaining product inventory, or limited manufacturing conditions set forth in the DN notice. Ordering shall be limited on a first-come/first serve condition until the remaining product capacity or inventory has been sold. All Last Time Buy order periods are measured from the Issue Date of the Discontinuation Notice. 

  • Discontinued Part Last Time Delivery Date 
  • Date indicates the last date NXP will ship a discontinued product. Unless a Non-Manufacturable or Limited Availability condition and shorter time period is indicated in the PTA, NXP allows a twelve (12) month delivery time period for discontinued products measured from the Issue Date of the Discontinuation Notice. (For some products, NXP may extend the Last Time Delivery date beyond the standard horizon.) 

  • Discontinued Part 12nc 
  • NXP 12nc number represents the NXP master internal manufacturing control identification number for reference to each part type, version of the part type or packaging/conditioning (3 last digits), being discontinued. 

  • Replacement 12nc 
  • Any known NXP replacement 12nc for the discontinued NXP type number is reference only information. NXP replacement part designation is NOT intended as a statement of warranty, or an indication that the listed replacement product meets the same form, fit, function or performance of the discontinued product until such time as NXP customers or distributors qualify such product to their specifications. 

    PCN Type Issue Date Effective Date
    Discontinuation Notification 18-Aug-2022 19-Aug-2022

    Reason of Change

    Due to the ASMC RC3 process Discontinuation the Last Time Buy date is 17 Nov 2022 to allow allocation of material for LTB orders.

    Affected Parts

    Part Number / 12NC Discontinuation Type Availability Source Last Time Buy Date Last Time Delivery Date Replacement Part
    FULL WITHDRAWAL Limited Availability Sole Source 18-Nov-2022 18-Aug-2023 -