Kit Contains

  • When purchasing XPC56xxMB2 you will get:
    • One XPC56xxMB2 Motherboard
    • One XPC56xx Resources CD–ROM
    • NXP Warranty Card
    • Power Supply

Supported Devices

  • MPC560xB: Ultra-Reliable MPC56xB MCU for Automotive & Industrial General Purpose
  • MPC560xP: Ultra-Reliable MPC560xP MCU for Automotive & Industrial Safety Applications
  • MPC560xS: Ultra-Reliable MPC560xS MCU for Automotive & Industrial Instrument Clusters
  • MPC563xM: Ultra-Reliable MPC563xM for Automotive & Industrial Engine Management
  • MPC564xA: Ultra-Reliable MPC564xA MCU for Automotive & Industrial Engine Management
  • MPC564xB-C: Ultra-Reliable MPC564xB-C MCU for Automotive & Industrial Control Applications
  • MPC564xL: Ultra-Reliable Dual-Core 32-bit MCU for Automotive and Industrial Applications
  • MC33661: LIN Enhanced Physical Interface
  • MC33730: Power Supply with Multiple Linear Regulators

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